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Major League Baseball Field Trip Tuesday, June 27th, 2017>
Strawberry Social Wednesday, June 28th, 2017>
Canada Day Baseball Game and Fireworks Saturday, July 1st, 2017>
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Contest Winners

Knights tickets
  • Tiffany Van Den Berge and Jessica Cruse (February 1st,
  • Marie Hubbard and Jerrid Klassen (January 18th,
  • Mackenzie Gosse and Fallon Albert (November 25th,
  • Kaitlynne Jones (October 7th, Instagram)
  • Sofia Maria and Nathan Lew (September 30th, Facebook)
  • Amanda Fairbairn and Jamie Vallance (September 23rd,
Lightning tickets
  • Karyna Onopriienko (April 15th,
  • Cassandra Drynan and Amy Williams (April 12th, Facebook)
  • Veronica Herrera (April 5th, plus 25 Downtown Dollars,
  • Sandra Wojciechowski (February 20th, FSU text service)
  • Joshua Allan and Nick Montgomery (February 18th, Facebook)
  • Emily Bankes and Rick Yardy (January 28th, Facebook)
  • Rebecca May and Brian Almoro (January 14th, Facebook)
  • Zane Dien and Nathan Armstrong (January 5th, Facebook)
2016/17 NHL Pool: Jack Colomvakos

Harlem Globetrotters tickets: Jaimeson Canie, Tariq Hassan, Nykki Clarke (; Robin Ruth (Facebook)

FSU Presidential Q & A question draw: Kelly Nguyen and Abigail Soares (Disney On Ice); Niki Westlake and Vaidehi Patel (Mother Mother)

Oscar/Razzies Pool: Barb Churney (1st place); Damini Singh (secondary London Light ticket draw)

Disney on Ice: Robin Ruth and Taylor Hamilton (Snapchat); Omayra Toro Young and Rebecca Martin (Instagram); Megan Brooks (Twitter)

Dierks Bentley concert: Monica Melo, Jillian Martin, Michelle Tozer, Jessica Proctor

Scott Helman meet and greet: Ivania Rivera, Justin McNamara, Lilyan Brown, Shelby Bigras, Erin White, Haille McCauley, Erica Presement, Malcolm Harris, James Rudell

Shanghai Acrobats: Karla Ventura, Vince Castrogiovanni, Sara Parsons, Annie Tsiu, Rachel Eidt

FMX World Tour: Leidy Forero, Alba Mendez, Jason Seguro, Jasper Brian Almoro, Matt Whitcroft, Heather Heard, Dongwook Shin, Rebecca Gagnon and Jamie Callaghan

Fanshawe Pioneer Village’s The Midnight Village: Cheyann Marchand, Raquel Bracarense, Amy Cloutier, Saifuddin Syed, Rouen Menezes, Jasmine Graham, Joshua Mullan and Drashti Koisa

Block Party tickets: Cheyann Marchand, Katherine Gill, Regan Ryter (Interrobang website)

Email Newsletter Signup Draw: $100 FANCard balance - Mona Husain & Gerrard Russell // CCMA tickets - Mackenzie Lukings & Mackenzie St Jean // Western fair Super Passes - Mehak Chopra & Alex Parr (FSU website)

Western Fair Super Passes: Megan Vloet and Jess Pieprzak (Facebook); Madison Grech (Text contest)

Western Fair Admission: Shantelle Krajcer, Danni Lozon, Matt Whitcroft, Ashton Burton (Facebook)

CCMA tickets: Reanna Publicover, Nathan Armstrong (FSU website)

Ice Age on Ice: Krishna Yadav, Mercedes Townsend, Julie Perry (FSU website)

Rock The Park general admission wristbands: Tamara Andriessen, Keegan Thomson (Entered at an FSU event)

WWE tickets: Michelle Masik Crance (Facebook); Tyler Smith (Twitter); Samantha Neves (Snapchat); Ridham Thaker (FSU website)

CMT Music Fest: Joshua Mullan (Entered at an FSU event)

Cirque Du Soleil: Olivia Georgopoulos, Rachael Belton and Cailin Mifflin (FSU website)
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