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FSU Clubs
Clubs are a cornerstone of student life on campus, allowing students with similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions to come together. Any full time student can start or join a club regardless of who you are or where you’re from. Each of our clubs provides insightful and a meaningful contribution to the Fanshawe College community. Find a club below, or review the documents needed to create your own!

Contact FSU Advocacy and Communications Coordinator Jahmoyia Smith if you have any questions:
FSU Office - SC 1000
519.452.4109 ext. 6341

Starting a Club

In order to start a club, you must first print off, fill out and return the Club Charter and FSU Clubs Policy documents linked below to the FSU main office, located in SC 1000 within the Student Centre.

Club Charter
Club Deposit Form
Club Event Application
Club Members List
FSU Club Policy
Donation Request Form
Funding Reimbursement Form
Locker Space Application
Monthly Activity Report
Monthly Financial Report

Current Clubs

The following charters have been ratified. Click/tap the names of each club to learn about them and to find contact information for the club’s President and Secretary.

Adonai (A.D.N.I)

President: Myeong Jin Ko
Vice-President: Do Hyeon Kim
Objective of the Club: The goal of the club is to create a space for Christians to network, fellowships and discuss their faith with focus on Korean-Canadians. This club’s purpose also encourages dialogue and discussion among the college students and supports the understanding and awareness of other people’s beliefs as this group grows and learns from others.

Adventurer’s Collective

President: Adam Van Winden
Vice-President: Caleb Berger
Objective of the Club: Promote teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking as well as improve improvisation techniques and abilities.

APICS Fanshawe College Student Chapter

President: Yenor Yatsenlov
Vice-President: Aakanksm Diwakar
Objective of the Club: Further education and interest in Logistics, Supply Chain Operations Management.

Architecture & Engineering Enthusiasts

President: Matthew Macaskill
Vice-President: Khalid Alasmar
Objective of the Club: We are a group of students deeply passionate about our program and interests in structures, engineering, architecture, and the creation behind historic buildings.

Atmiya London Group

President: Yash S. Desai
Vice-President: Hiren A. Munjani
Objective of the Club: To motivate the art and creativity among the group, to share knowledge within the group, and to grow common interests together in a common language (Gujarati).

Caribbean Student Association (CSA)

President: Rickia Smith
Vice-President: Maria Curtis
Objective of the Club: To bring students of Caribbean backgrounds together to have meaningful discussions about the culture, form bonds, and allow students to express themselves freely with individuals of the same background.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

President: Ryan Laws
Vice-President: Ian McLaughlin
Objective of the Club: To begin uniting a Fanshawe community utilizing any edition of Dungeons and Dragons including third party modules like Pathfinder or Starjammer. We wish to teach our traditions to new, curious members and to bring together other Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts.
Facebook page/group:

Entrepreneurship Club

President: Navin Abraham
Vice-President: Nicholas Koehler
Objective of the Club: The goal and the mission of the club is to build a network of entrepreneurs within Fanshawe, and help expand the entrepreneurship culture.
Facebook page/group:

Fanshawe A Capella

President: Natassha Ruiz
Vice-President: Lauren Eddy
Objective of the Club: Create covers of songs through voices (no instruments!). Also to enhance musical knowledge.

Fanshawe Accounting Association

President: Bradley Furtah
Vice-President: Kendra McAnully
Objective of the Club: To provide events/networking for students in all Accounting programs through a variety of events.

Fanshawe College Chess Club

President: Andre Nazar
Vice-President: Matthew McMillan
Objective of the Club: To represent Fanshawe College in the competitive and casual chess scene. It is also a place for all people who are interested in chess to gather and socialize.
Facebook page/group:

Fanshawe Chinese Society

President: Yuxuan Cheng
Vice-President: Gao Cheng Zhu
Objective of the Club: To serve students and bring benefits to them. For example; let students get to know each other, having a place to hear some useful information.

Fanshawe College Anime Club

President: Montana Lina Wilson
Vice-President: Hannah Laurel McDonald
Objective of the Club: To provide a place for those who like, or are simply interested in Anime, or Animation. We encourage our members to get to know each other through this common interest, and potentially make new friends through the club.
Facebook page/group:

Fanshawe CPA's

President: Brian Drulard
Vice-President: Spencer Richardson
Objective of the Club: Advance students in the CPA program with broader knowledge and information in the industry.
Facebook page/group:

Fanshawe Equestrian Club

President: Meagan McLauchlin
Vice-President: Kaylee Johnson
Objective of the Club: To connect horse enthusiasts and horse-back riders of all riding disciplines within the college.
Facebook page/group:

Fanshawe Falcons Volunteer Club

President: Esteven Ramos
Vice-President: Kira Overton
Objective of the Club: Provide students with volunteer opportunities around the community
Facebook page/group:

Fanshawe Paralegal Student Association (FPSA)

Objective of the Club: The goal of FPSA is to provide volunteer opportunities for paralegal students to develop their networking skills within the legal and College community. The FPSA will assist in enriching the College experience allowing paralegal students to continue directly to the Fanshawe community. The primary goal of FPSA is to improve paralegal student life by providing social, cultural and educational experiences.
Facebook page/group:

Fanshawe Parks Club

President: Jaqueline Renaud
Vice-President: Elizabeth Latif
Objective of the Club: The Fanshawe Parks Club is a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about Canadian culture, adventure and environment. We will connect you with trips and events on and off-campus as well as job and volunteer opportunities.
Facebook page/group:

Fanshawe Roleplaying and Games (FRAG)

President: Kathryn Maznevski
Vice-President: Dylan Kirkby
Objective of the Club: Foster a local community of gamers and those interested in the various branches of nerd culture.

Fanshawe Student’s Indian Club (FSIC)

Objective of the Club: To enhance and promote the Indian Culture in Fanshawe and to establish unity among the different Indian Cultures.
Facebook page/group:

Human Resources Student Association (HRSA)

President: Katherine Labruzzo
Vice-President: Colleen Jeffries
Objective of the Club: Create awareness of the Human Resources Program, allow for students in various HR Programs to connect with one another, fundraise for HR related charities and club promotion.

Iron Falcon Robotics

President: Thomas Steele
Vice-President: Breton Campbell
Objective of the Club: Promote Stem and Teamwork throughout the college using the T-Shirt cannon robot and mentoring FIRST FRC teams operating out of Fanshawe.

The London Beardsmen

Objective of the Club: To promote health and wellness in the community through beardsmanship.
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Magic the Gathering at Fanshawe

President: Arin Siefert
Vice-President: William Renaud
Objective of the Club: To create a fun and inclusive environment for people of all skill levels to come and play the Magic The Gathering card game (different formats available).
Facebook page/group:

Muslim Student Association

Objective of the Club: The goal of this club is to gather Muslim students at Fanshawe College, hold events and activities, and help new students find their way around Campus.

Police Foundation’s Peer Liaison

Objective of the Club: To help first year police foundations students’ transition into College and answer any questions that may have. Also, put together team building activities throughout the year.

Power to Change

President: Tara Yin
Vice-President: Joy VandenHeuvel
Objective of the Club: Power to Change is all about students helping other students discover Jesus. We want to create a movement on Campus of students sharing their faith and experiencing the power of God in their lives every day.
Facebook page/group:

Respiratory Therapy Student Federation

President: Rae Hale
Vice-President: Alix Babic
Objective of the Club: Increase Awareness of the profession through numerous events.
Facebook page/group:

Rotaract Club

President: Danielle Jackson
Vice-President: Zed Joshi
Objective of the Club: To have a positive impact on our community while volunteering at various events around the community. To better the community as well.
Facebook page/group:

South Korean Association of Fanshawe (SKAF)

President: Subin Kang
Vice-President: Mina Han
Objective of the Club: Our goal is sharing school information (ex. school events), making friendships, volunteering, and sports activities.
Facebook page/group:


Objective of the Club: To create a safe and welcoming space for those in the LBGTQ2+ community and educate those who wish to know more of get involved with the community. As well as get the LGBTQ+ community involved in the local community.
Facebook page/group:


President: Divya George Panackal
Vice-President: Ashley Rose Joseph
Objective of the Club: To discover your passion in dance. Mastering dance as a physical discipline. Generating and regenerating the art form.

Vietnamese Association Club

President: Tung Thanh Hoang
Vice-President: Tai Phu Tran
Objective of the Club: Connect Vietnamese students, help others know more about Vietnamese culture.

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