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Upcoming Events

Fanshawe Comic Con
Monday, September 26th, 11:00 AM, Forwell Hall

Monday, September 26th, 8:00 PM, The Out Back Shack

SOLD OUT: MLB Field Trip: Jays vs Orioles
Tuesday, September 27th, 3:00 PM, Rogers Centre
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Fanshawe Comic Con
Kevin Nash comes to Fanshawe
Elections are Coming
Download your SAC/FSU VP election package
FSU Craft Beer Fest
Craft beer, live music & food in Forwell Hall
Sex Toy Bingo
First bingo night of the year!
Free Microsoft Download
Download Microsoft Windows and Office for free
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September 9th, 2016: LTC Smart Card Reader Issues

The LTC is currently experiencing a glitch in their card reader system. More info

August 24th, 2016: Pink Ribbon Campaign volunteers needed

Canadian Cancer Society is recruiting volunteers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. More info

August 16th, 2016: Orientation Fundraiser

Habitat For Humanity Heartland Ontario will be the official fundraiser organization for this year’s FSU orientation events. More info

July 11th, 2016: New WiFi network

Tired of having to re-connect to the WiFi at Fanshawe? A new network is here to save the day! More info

March 10th, 2016: FSU Election results

The results are in!!! More info

February 24th, 2014: Fanshawe Co-Curricular Record

Fanshawe’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is as an institutionally recognized document that showcases your involvement and growth outside of the classroom. More info

July 16, 2012: Free Microsoft Windows or Office for PCs and MACs

Follow these instructions to download Windows or Office, free for Fanshawe students. More info
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