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Affordable summertime snacking

Samantha Kaczala | Interrobang | Lifestyles | June 1st, 2018

Edgar and Joe’s Café (255 Horton St. (at Wellington)

A café in the SoHo (South of Horton) district, is a promoted social space from Goodwill Industries. The café makes fresh food from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients when possible. Affordable prices for healthy choices of food makes this café worth a look, especially in the summer when they bring out their patio chairs!

Williams Fresh Café (578 Richmond St.)

One of many stores of this franchise, the Richmond location has a beautiful patio with umbrellas that protect patrons from the intense rays of the sun, when needed. The inside is cozy and can hold a lot of people, even larger groups. The menu holds a large array of beverages and delicious meals at affordable prices for students.

Black Walnut Bakery Café (134 Wortley Rd. & 724 Richmond St.)

Both locations feature outdoor eating to patrons who want to relax with a cup of coffee or tea outside. The café offers a large variety of delicious drinks, sandwiches, soups and pastries. Their daily selection of food changes seasonally keeping a fresh menu for those who visit a lot.

Starbucks (1164 Highbury Ave. N. (among other locations)

Already a fan favorite by most students, this particular location of the chain is just a short walk away from the school making it easily accessible to students who live on campus or nearby. The small patio in front is perfect for drinking some of the store’s cooler drinks such as their famous Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino. The snacks are tasty while being easy on the pockets like their popular Birthday Cake Pop and Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

YOU Made It Café (332 Richmond St.)

Proceeds earned in the café goes towards the London community. The menu offers a wide range of rich and delicious dishes and beverages, from Espresso’s to Bacon Grilled Cheese sandwiches, all set at prices lower than $10. The patio is a hidden gem, allowing you to be able to get a skyline view of the city on warm summer days.

The Gourmet Deli (285 King St.)

The Gourmet Deli offers a big selection of fresh sandwiches, soups and salads and all day breakfast that you can take out to eat on their lifted patio in front of the store. As a deli they also sell pepperettes and other fresh meat, plus many delicious pastries. Patron favorites include their sandwiches, like the B.L.T, where you can have an unlimited amount of toppings and the variety of soups.


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