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The Rec Room Grand Opening

Interrobang | News | May 10th, 2018

Interrobang was on hand for the grand opening of The Rec Room London Masonville on May 9th, 2018. This venue features axe throwing, arcade games, VR, ping pong and more.


Three things to do in London during spring
Spring break and reading week has just wrapped up for (most) schools. London has so much to offer to all different types of people. From indoor to outdoor activities the possibilities are endless. Read more

Local photographers take London by storm
Interrobang sat down with London photographers Avery Schaffer, 19, Braden Dam, 20, and Keith Tanner, 22, to discuss their background and thoughts on the ongoing photography movement in London. Read more

Get your geek fix in London
What might be surprising for any nerds or geeks in London is that the city actually has a large amount of stores dedicated to selling pop culture goods, boasting more than five stores in the downtown area alone. Read more

London clothing business assists Canadian athletes
Three Western MBA students are helping Canadian athletes thrive with their clothing business. Each time an article of clothing is purchased from North Strong Collective, 25 per cent of the proceeds go towards supporting Canadian athletes. Read more

Activities to do around London on a budget
Hard to believe, but London, Ont. is home to many activities and attractions that can provide entertainment without breaking the bank. Read more