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Delirium: A haunted house without a good haunt


While Delirium might sound like a spooky and suspenseful film, it fell flat and didn't meet certain expectations.

Joshua R. Waller | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 12th, 2018

Haunted house horror movies are often among some of the scariest horror movies out there. Delirium, released on Jan.19, 2018, tried really hard to be one of these movies, but unfortunately missed the mark.

A good haunted house movie has a compelling history, perfectly timed spooks and a twisted ending.

Delirium, while it tried, didn’t offer any of these.

The Hell Gang, comprised of all the “cool kids” in school, promise guys that if they can make it through the dark forest all the way to the porch of the local haunted mansion, they can join the club.

Their latest victim, Eddie, is sent through the forest in the middle of the night, except he never makes it back.

Five guys from the Hell Gang set out to go find him and end up trapped not only in the haunted mansion, but also in their own minds.

While the plot line is already pretty cliché, there is nothing about the movie that really draws you in.

Delirium was missing the part of the story that makes viewers feel connected.

I’ll admit, the onscreen chemistry between the main characters was pretty good, but the characters themselves were very two dimensional (your basic jocks).

They also tried to come up with a pretty interesting back story for the haunted mansion, however, it wasn’t overly compelling.

The history was lacking emotion, details and cohesion which made it become lost almost instantly. Even some flashbacks of the events that took place in the mansion would have made the movie a bit more interesting.

Delirium also tried to be suspenseful with intense music build ups and quick camera movements, but it ended up crying wolf too many times.

You know when you watch a horror movie and a super scary jump scene happens, but it ends up just being one of their friends? This movie was laced with these moments making it extremely predictable and repetitive. It also took away from the legitimate spooky scenes, which is a huge shame because the visual graphics were actually very well done.

When you’re watching Delirium, you feel like you have to watch it right to the bitter end because something twisted must happen, right? Wrong. The movie just continues to flatline and ends with a video montage of the main male actors playing around at the beach and running around shirtless.

Was this supposed to make us feel sorry for them or feel more connected to their characters? A bit late for that (plus it was super awkward).

I would be delirious to tell you that Delirium was a good haunted house horror movie.

While it wasn’t terrible and did have some neat effects, it was subpar at best.

If you’re looking to kill some time, or need something to play in the background while you make dinner, Delirium would be an OK choice. If you are looking for a truly scary haunted house movie, I recommend skipping this one.