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A how to guide: Diversifying your wardrobe


Diversifying your wardrobe with clothing from across the globe is a unique and fun way to make a fashion statement.

Claudia Bergman | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 12th, 2018

A society which accepts and embraces diversity is one that serves its individuals well.

The privilege of experiencing a worldly surge of thousands of years worth of foreign culture assimilating into the one which you are familiar with is exhilarating as this progresses society further into advancement.

The benefits of this amalgamation are beyond words and essentially limitless but can also be seen throughout our everyday lives.

From food and restaurants offering authentic meals from home or fusion concepts to foreign films being shown at local theatres, diversity and its positive impact comes into play in many different facets of our lives.

Unconsciously or consciously on a daily basis, what you choose to wear can be traced back to certain cultural origins.

From the cut, the fabric, the design, the implications of its use etc., your item of clothing simply did not appear in its state from thin air but more so from a process of intricate planning.

To further simplify or complicate your hectic mornings, here are some fashion styles from across the globe that can be drawn for inspiration.


Norwegian style is predominately focused on monochrome coloured fabrics with an emphasis on shape and structure.

Blacks, whites, greys and beiges are often the primary colours to convey clean lines and overall a minimalistic look.

Adding in layers and items with different lengths and fabrics into the same outfits creates shape and texture to making the outfit interesting.

A potential outfit could involve an all-black ensemble consisting of a turtleneck with ankle length pants and a knee length waistcoat partnered with white sneakers for a pop.

Hong Kong:

Street fashion in Hong Kong is based on more playful and adventurous themes and involves pairing things that may not seem to match on paper.

A variety of colours, fabrics and patterns are worn; blacks, neon greens and even herringbone with ice cream cone patches stitched on, nothing is off limits.

For an edge, articles of clothing such as sports branded articles are worn with items far from the athletic realm such as fishnets, fuzzy coats or a nice oversized pea coat.

To achieve a Hong Kong street style look, combine a sports jersey with a plaid blazer, pair it with a skinny pant and finish the look off with chunky boots.

South Africa:

Style in South African looks effortless but draws eyes and attention through the use of bright colours, bold patterns and breezy materials.

Greens, yellows, blues and reds are prevalent colours and patterns are limitless ranging from florals and black and white stripes to zig zags, waves and more.

Jewellery like heavily beaded necklaces and bracelets add a burst of colour and texture to the outfit.

To draw inspiration of South African fashion into your own wardrobe, wear a blue pant made of a lighter fabric such as linen or cotton with a relaxed white top and finish with adding pops of colour through shoes and jewellery such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings.


Fashion from the Gold Coast is a big reflection of the consistently warm temperatures, proximities to the waters and luscious greenery.

Lots of light and flowing clothing with fabric and patterns reminiscent of a bohemian era are popular amongst the street goers of Australia.

Whites, pastels and more romantic colours such as deep blues or maroons are typical along with floral prints.

Pairing a maroon bohemian maxi dress with chunky black heels and a beige floppy hat is a great way to capture the style code of the Gold Coast.