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Become a more embodied person: Less in head, more in body with Tantric sex

George Maragos | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 11th, 2017

*Disclaimer* The views and opinions expressed by the author are entirely their own and do not reflect the definitions and positions widely excepted by experts in the subject.

If sex was compared to food, one night stands and “quickies” would be the equivalent to fast food compared to the five star four course meal that is sexual continence.

Sex, like anything else, gets better the more time and effort put into it.

Tantric sex, comes from the practice of Tantra meaning weaving or expansion of energy. This form of sex is said to form powerful mind-body connections that leads to intense orgasms. It comes from the belief that withholding fl uid during sex increased pleasure and would grant longer life.

Karezza, according to, is another name for the technique of retention that leads to the biological transmutation of sexual fluids sublimated within a person, if coupled with proper yoga techniques.

According to the late psychologist Sigmund Freud, the sexual energy in the body is called libido. It is this energy that’s evoked and channeled into vivacity through the practice of Tantra.

According to, continence (coitus reservatus) is when sexual fluid are retained within the body.

In laymen’s terms it’s intercourse without orgasm and it purportedly has enumerable benefits.

For women, no squirt orgasms deliver energy downward, triggering uterus spasms that send waves of pleasure throughout the body and for men, it allows them to stay in their pleasure plateau and last longer.

People could possibly even attain enlightenment through participating in this passionate pleasure practice.

According to Swami Muktibodhananda, commentator of Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Swara Yoga: The Tantric Science to Brain Breathing, a sexual life has three purposes: reproduction, pleasure, and enlightenment.

If orgasm can be controlled, then body and mind can be controlled. Practicing continence is mindful sex and cannot be achieved when the most predominate thought is orgasm. People must resist the temptation to immediately climax, rather, it’s about the bonding and the connection between both partners.

There are different methods used by couples to help them focus on this bond.

Placing your head on your partner’s chest and listening to their heart beat, couples can sync their breathing to experience a deeper bond.

Longingly look into each other’s eyes. Touch and explore sensitive areas around erogenous zones. Orgasm is not ignored, instead it becomes the byproduct of the intense sensation that comes from being bonded.

To begin, there should be a minimum of ten minutes of foreplay, followed by slow penetration concentrating on the erotic pleasure. Once it becomes too much, simply stop. Strongly squeeze the muscles of the groin, contracting to hold back release.

Resume intercourse gradually or remain still if more time is needed to regain control.

Abstaining from orgasm goes against natural instincts. However, there are techniques that make the assertion that people can supersede their compulsion to climax through tenacity and regulate orgasm.

People practice continence by holding contractions.

Considered to be the origin of spiritual powers in the body, the Root Chakra, located in the perineum, is activated by a contraction called

The Root Lock, in which the muscles between the genitals and anus are contracted and released similar to when holding back urine. Practicing fragmentary urination by contracting the urinary muscles momentarily breaking the stream, can improve the capability to withhold.

The Root Lock is a part of three locks, or contractions that make up the Great Lock.

The benefits of the Great Lock are activation of the pineal gland, multiple orgasms, eliminating feebleness after intercourse, and regulation of the entire endocrine system: hormones, metabolism, and sexual functioning.

Nicole Bardawill a yoga instructor at Fanshawe’s Wellness and Fitness Centre and who writes a blog at described the reasons withholding sexual fluids is a practice.

“One reason may be spiritual devotion; a life path dedicated to spiritual purposes, or to increase pleasure within the act for a full sensory experience,” said Bardawill.

She detailed what role chakras play in connection to sexuality.

“The Root and Sacral Chakra are connected to sexuality. The root is where the genitals are, but chakras aren’t physical parts of our anatomy; they’re spiritual. They are energetic centres of our body that have specifi c characteristics and locations.

The Root Chakra is connected to our sense of belonging on the earth, to our sense of family, survival, and procreation; having our base needs satisfied. The primal force for creation and desire,” Bardawill said.

The Stomach Lock focuses on sending energy through the second chakra, the Sacral Chakra, with an exhaled breathing, leaning forward, torso hanging over knees with the sabdomen sucked back towards the spine and into the ribs, finally inhale while standing raising both hands over head.

“The Sacral Chakra is located in the lower area of the abdomen above the genitalia below the belly button. It is the center of creativity, self-identity, self-confidence, and governs the role of sex in our identity,” Bardawill said.

To engage the Throat Lock, exhale pressing the chin down to the base of the throat, followed by looking up and inhaling to release the hold.

“The Throat Chakra is about communication, listening, speaking, and non-verbal, how people express themselves,” Bardawill said.

After each of the three individual locks are mastered, combine them to make the Great Lock. Held in order from chin, abdomen, and root, and release in reverse order.

“The three locks can be performed separately or in conjunction, all together, and in different combinations; [each of] which can have different effects. It’s more of an advanced yoga technique. People shouldn’t go out and try these techniques without proper guidance,” Bardawill cautioned.

Yoga and sex can intersect depending on what kind of benefits you’re hoping to receive or what kind of issues you have.

“Sex can be a spiritual experience. In Hatha Yoga training we learn not to suppress it, but awaken and activate it. Sexual pleasure is a part of the sacred gift of procreation. Yoga offers multitudes of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual effects; it can have amazing beautiful effects in [all areas of] our lives, including sexuality. You become a more embodied person, less in head more in body,” Bardawill said.