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Cleaning and grooming your garden

Jessica Eden | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 11th, 2017

How much money and time do you invest into styling and cleaning your head of hair? Now compare that to how much time you spend on your health down below. Just because you may be the only one that sees your nether regions, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold its cleanliness to the highest standard. It is imperative to take care of this area to avoid things such as yeast infections, and jock itch, among others things. The Interrobang compiled some tips on how to keep your garden flourishing and healthy all year round.

Trimming the hedge

When it comes to how you trim your hedge, it depends on your personal preference. While some may like their bush to be full, some prefer no leaves at all. Some like to add ornaments while others like to have a specific shape. Some options you could experiment with include the landing strip which is a thin strip of rectangular shaped growth down the middle, a heart shape, the Bermuda Triangle that looks like an upside down triangle and finally a gem application. Whether you wax, shave or just trim, make sure to incorporate a scrub into your shower routine to reduce the chances of ingrown hairs.

Limit pesticide use

It is important to keep your greenery as natural as possible by limiting the use of scented products which may cause itching and irritation and upset your body’s natural potential of hydrogen (pH). It should also be noted that the disadvantages of vaginal douching outweigh the “benefits”. The vagina is built to clean itself and so flushing products up it, disturbs the natural flora which can cause infections and also spread infections further up the reproductive tract.

Use healthy fertilizers

Making sure your garden is taken care of the way it should be requires the use of natural fertilizers. Similarly, it is recommended to use mild or unscented soap. There are also pH balanced soap that matches the pH of vaginas in brands such as Summer’s Eve and Vagisil.

Allow space to breathe

Just like you wouldn’t plant two trees right on top of each other, you also shouldn’t wear restrictive clothing that prohibits air and blood fl ow. It is also important to keep the temperature similar to what is needed for your body. Excess heat is a great place for bacteria to fester and where jock itch for males can become an issue.

Know your greenery

Just like tending to a garden, you have to know each plant and the conditions and needs of each as many can be delicate and picky. Similarly, it is important for people with a vagina as genitalia to wipe from front to back to avoid bacteria accumulation. For people with a penis as genitalia it is important if not circumcised, to pull back the foreskin when cleaning in order to remove built up smegma, however, smegma, which is a mixture of skin cells, skin oils and moisture can occur with either genitalia. It is also important for males to dry themselves after urinating.

Frequently water your garden

What should be self-explanatory, but some people neglect, is taking a shower or bath each day. If there’s anything you shouldn’t forget about when it comes to your hygiene it’s the importance of daily washing. Bacteria and odour buildup throughout the day is natural, but not washing at all can cause infections.

Healthy soil (good environment)

Just like a plant needs the right environment to grow, your garden needs a healthy and clean place to thrive. Things such as regularly washing and replacing your towels, washcloths and underwear are helpful to keep your area clean and healthy. It is important to only wear a piece of underwear once each day and wear cotton underwear as much as possible or at least at night. Cotton fabric allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t cause sweating. Also, changing liners and feminine hygiene products regularly throughout the day will help to keep you clean and fresh.