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Crime prevention tip of the week

Steve Hartwick | Campus Security | Lifestyles | April 3rd, 2017

Topics: Crime | Safety | Theft

As the school races to exams and completion of the school year people sometimes forget the small things. Here are some quick reminders to help you keep safe as life leads you where it will.

• When you go out with friends for a drink someone should stay sober and be incharge of making important decisions and getting people home safe.

• If you pay for a ride, either taxi or Uber, and are alone sit in the rear passenger seat. It creates distance and time if something goes wrong.

• Always lock your vehicle with the windows fully closed.

• Never leave valuables visible in your vehicle.

• Never leave your wallet or purse in your vehicle.

• If a deal seems too good to be true… it is. Don’t buy it.

• Don’t trust people who call saying they are your credit card company or bank. They won’t call you. They already have your money. If you think they did, take down their information, look up the number yourself to know if it is correct and call that institution.

• If you go away for a while arrange to have your mail and paper deliveries picked up and your driveway/yard maintained so it looks like someone is home.

• Use timers on lights inside your home to make it look lived in.

• Walk on the sidewalk facing traffic and cross at the corner where drivers expect it.

• Record the serial number, make, model and value of all your stuff and keep that paper somewhere safe. So it doesn’t get stolen with your stuff if you have a break in.

• Remember that no one can consent to having sex if they are drunk. It has to be fully informed consent.

• If you are finished this year, be safe as you go forward and if you are returning look for more tips in the fall. Either way, try and make smart choices as you go but live life and have fun.

If you have questions about this or any other crime prevention concerns please feel free to contact Steve Hartwick with College Community Services either by phone at 519-452-4430 extension 4929 or email at