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Wreckord Reviews: Songs to get your summer started early


From glorious comebacks to tantalizing trainwrecks, this week in music had some memorable moments

Nick Reyno | Interrobang | Lifestyles | April 3rd, 2017

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School is winding down and summer can be seen glinting in the distance like presents under a Christmas tree. Before we know it, the beaches will be packed and our water bottles will be filled with liquid that is most likely not water. Make sure that your summer is a banger by bringing the best songs possible to the beach with you. Here’s what to avoid and what to play back-to-back.

“The Heart Part 4” - Kendrick Lamar

Lamar is still on a high from his last mixtape, untitled unmastered, which served as an extension of 2015’s To Pimp a Butterfly. His latest track “The Heart Part 4” not only reinforces his lyrical skill, but also reminds us that he’s a force to be reckoned with as he takes shots at Drake, Big Sean and Donald Trump in one of his most vicious verses in years. The beat changes to suit Lamar’s mood and emphasizes the level of command he obtains with just his voice. The track ends by teasing listeners with the release date for his upcoming album, “Y’all got til April the seventh to get y’all shit together”.

“Still Got Time” - Zayn ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Somehow Zayn has managed to stick around through his departure from One Direction. His latest sin­gle, “Still Got Time” stands pretty far from anything on his debut al­bum and I have to admit it’s pret­ty catchy. The tropical-house pro­duction that seemingly permeates nearly all pop music these days has made an appearance once again. Zayn’s still pushing the same topics he was singing about in One Direc­tion but the creative decisions like collaborating with PARTYNEXT­DOOR gives this track a fresh vibe that sets it apart from the queasy boy band he used to be in. If you’re looking for a beach song then go no further because tropical-house is exactly what you need.

“Andromeda” - Gorillaz ft. D.R.A.M.

Seemingly back from the dead, “Andromeda” is one of four songs released by Gorillaz this week. The ‘playlist’ has a definite club vibe, whether it’s the trap and dancehall influenced “Saturnz Barz” or the nostalgic and optimistic “We Got The Power” Gorillaz have deliv­ered a well-balanced dance-provok­ing breakfast. “Andromeda” stands above the rest with its soaring keys and vibrant synths, one can’t help but groove along to this. It’s a song that could have easily fit in with the rest of Plastic Beach, but feels cur­rent and hyperaware. Gorillaz’ re­sponse to all of the darkness in the world is to dance it out and it seems to be working for them.

“Mo Bounce” - Iggy Azalea

No matter how bad things get in life, be thankful that you’re not Iggy Azalea right now. When I heard that she had attempted a comeback song I had to experience the train wreck for myself and hot damn, what a glorious train wreck it was. Every song on this list would make a great summer playlist track, but this one is here just for a good laugh among friends. Azalea opens with the one and only hook in the song, which is just the title repeated over and over. It’s catchy, in the way that songs like “It’s a Small World” and “The Song that Never Ends” are catchy. The repetitive bass and general lack of creativity create an absolutely directionless song with absolutely zero relevance or appreciable con­tent. This song is basically just Aza­lea saying “Mo Bounce” for 3:42. In fact, she says the word ‘bounce’ so many times that I decided to count. It’s 134 times. She says ‘bounce’ 134 freaking times in under four minutes. That’s an average of one ‘bounce’ every one and a half sec­onds. Who told her this was a good idea? Give that person a medal be­cause the disaster that Azalea just released is meme worthy.

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