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Crime prevention tip of the week

Steve Hartwick | Campus Security | Lifestyles | March 20th, 2017

So here we are, just five weeks to go until the end of the school year for most students. As the end approaches all the due dates get closer and you may find yourself working late at school in labs, classes or the library. When it’s time to leave, you realize it’s gotten dark. Here is a reminder about some of Campus Security’s programs to help keep you safe.

Stay Safe Fanshawe

Stay Safe Fanshawe is a free app for your phone and works on any platform. It contains all the phone numbers not only for Fanshawe Security, but also the LTC schedule, cab and limo companies. Just go to where you get your apps and download today.

Work Alone

Work Alone is a program where if you are working alone in an office or class just give security a call at 519-452-4400 and let us know where you are and how long you’ll be there. We’ll give you a call now and again to check on you and if you don’t answer we’ll drop by to make sure you’re all right.

Safe Walk

Safe Walk is designed as a program to help you get safely either to your vehicle or to one of the residences from anywhere on the London Campus. Just give the Control Room a call at 519-452-4400 and tell us where you are. Then either security officers or a couple of our Student Auxiliary members will come to where you are waiting and escort you safely to your destination.

Please remember that Campus Security Services are here to help you. If you are concerned or worried, we are here for you. Our numbers 24 hours a day, seven days a week are:

Emergency: 519-452-4242

Non-Emergency: 519-452-4400

And if you forget those 911 will work and connect you to the London Police Service. But we know the campus better than they do.

If you have questions about this or any other crime prevention concerns please feel free to contact Steve Hartwick with Campus Security Services either by phone at 519-452-4430 ext. 4929 or email at