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Health and Fitness: What to do when you're about to eat your stress away
You need to study right now, but instead you find yourself in the kitchen staring into the refrigerator hoping the eating will make you smarter for your big test tomorrow. Read more

Fanshawe collaborates on positive St. Paddy's Day tees
Fanshawe's sexual violence prevention advisor and the college's fashion marketing and management program teamed up in making and selling punny St. Patrick's Day T-shirts promoting consent. Read more

Inspiring the next generation of industry professionals
Students of Fanshawe's Music Industry Arts (MIA) program were excited when they heard the news that they were to be visited by Fanshawe alumni and Juno winning audio engineer George Seara. Read more

Four Animes worth a watch on Netflix
A look at four anime series (Aldnoah.Zero, Madoka Magica, Gurren Lagann and Fate) that you can watch on Netflix. Read more

The many musical ventures of Willem James Cowan
Willem James Cowan, is an ambitious student in the Music Industry Arts (MIA) program at Fanshawe College. He's a well-versed song writer who is currently involved in a number of musical projects, both as a composer and an instrumentalist Read more

Veronica: Scary, but over-hyped
One of the most talked about movies this month has been Veronica. All over social media were posts about how it was the scariest movie of all time and that people couldn't even get half way through the film before turning it off. Read more

Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
You may not agree with some of the changes others want to make, but instead of criticizing, make suggestions that incorporate everyone's input. Read more

Superheroes of Anime
Superheroes have hit a big boom within pop culture, their stories being made into new blockbuster movies and television series. But comic book heroes aren't the only ones out there. Anime features its own set of heroes too. Read more

Get your geek fix in London
What might be surprising for any nerds or geeks in London is that the city actually has a large amount of stores dedicated to selling pop culture goods, boasting more than five stores in the downtown area alone. Read more

Sound mixing professional, Richard Chycki leaves positive notes for Fanshawe MIA students
Students of the Music Industry Arts (MIA) program were given an exciting way to further their studies into surround sound mixing when they were visited by one of Canada's most prominent industry professionals, Richard Chycki. Read more

Where lies become salvation in Itsuwaribito
Can you save a life with a lie? How about a hundred? A thousand? For the manga Itsuwaribito, these are the questions that will be answered. Read more

Gaining Momentum: Ontario Post-Secondary Institution Offers Scholarships to Competitive Gamers
St. Clair College has become the first post-secondary institution in Canada to officially sanction a varsity eSports program. Over the past few years, the collegiate eSports scene has grown rapidly across the United States. Read more

Pokemon: Trainers guide to the game
Pokemon was popularized in the '90s by the Gameboy games and then by the cards, a manga, an anime, and movies. But how many people that collected the cards actually played the game? Read more

The History of Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball was created by Akiro Toriyama first published in the manga series 'Weekly Shonen Jump' 1984. The story begins when a young boy named Goku was found in the woods by an old karate master who trained him in martial arts. Read more

Celeste: the newest gem to 2D platform games
Celeste is a 2D platform game that provides a variety of challenging levels for players to tackle while also delivering a depiction of what it is like to learn to cope with anxiety. Read more

The Ritual: A fresh take on horror
The Ritual, a Netflix exclusive that was released on Feb. 9, has been the refresh the horror genre was in definite need of. With such great attention to detail, truly frightening scenes and an unforgettable monster, The Ritual is a must see. Read more

Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Share your concerns and you'll come up with a practical solution and the help you need to get things done. Read more

Canada's Food Guide finally receiving revamp in 2018
Since elementary school, we've become accustomed to the iconic pyramid that is Canada's Food Guide. Now, Canada's Food Guide is set for a revamp - its first update since 2007. Read more

Album Review: Justin Timberlake's Man of The Woods
Ottawa (CUP)- Justin Timberlake is known for his eclectic music style stemming from his days with NSYNC, and then pushing the boundaries of pop with FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006), and the illustrious 20/20 Experience (2013). Read more

Winchester: A haunting masterpiece
Probably one of the most underrated releases this month, Winchester, was an absolutely brilliant haunted house film with the perfect amount of realism. Read more

Brighter times ahead for up and coming Fanshawe MIA band
Brighter Green is one of the most noteworthy bands to break out of Fanshawe's Music Industry Arts (MIA) scene this year. Read more

Health and Fitness: All about arm training
It's time to pump things up. Strong arms have practical uses such as getting up from the floor, carrying heavy items, scaling tall fences, batting a baseball, ninja competitions and more. Read more

Lost Arts: Fanshawe MIA students' band get set to release EP
Lost Arts is one of the most unique bands to spring out of the Music Industry Arts (MIA) program at Fanshawe College in the past year. Read more

Choosing a bank account to hold and shelter your funds can be a daunting task
With so many financial institutions claiming to offer the best services for your student lifestyle, it can be difficult to pinpoint what is truly best for you or how to properly manage the account. Read more

Question the truths and lies in Persona 5
I have been a fan of Atlus' Persona game series for many years. Each installment has gotten better and better, and what once was a game with a small cult following has expanded into a fanbase that stretches to the corners of the globe. Read more

Five Steam games for a college student's budget
Nowadays, video games are costing a steep price. Add on having to buy consoles, like the Switch and you have a monumental amount of money that no student in the midst of debt can afford Read more

Activities to do around London on a budget
Hard to believe, but London, Ont. is home to many activities and attractions that can provide entertainment without breaking the bank. Read more

Deadly sins of freshman finances - common financial mistakes students make
Coming to college may be the first opportunity for many to move away from home. However, students are hit with a multitude of new experiences and challenges; avoiding financial mistakes is one of them Read more