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The reason we need to lower the cost of animal adoption
While many people want to own a pet - and who wouldn't - there can sometimes be significant financial hurdles in the way. Lowering the cost of pet adoption would make it easier for everyone to get the animal cuddles they want, thereby improving the quality of their lives. Read more

India vs. India: Divided within one's own circle
Fanshawe College has been serving international students for more than 20 years. Students from more than 70 countries are representing their countries and making their mark internationally. Read more

From The Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another week of classes and another week of a new Interrobang. Read more

Hashtagging Activism
Can your smartphone change the world? Author Erinne Paisley offers insight into the importance of story-telling and taking responsibility. Read more

Reyno Rants - More money more problems: Stop giving out gift cards
For many, the holiday season is the happiest time of the year, but for others, it can be a downfall of receiving cash or gift cards. Read more

From the Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to week two of back to classes (since the strike) and to another week of the Interrobang. Read more

Letter to the Editor: Seay misfires
Kerra Seay (in her article titled What Does Kerra Say?: Let's get real about gun violence, published on Oct.16 2017), falsely states that Semi-Automatic weapons are illegal for civilians in Canada to own. Read more

What Does Kerra Say? - Ontario college faculty strike: A short-term Wynne and a long-term loss?
From students, to part time workers, to professors, to parents, to administrators, this strike has far-reaching impacts that may take a lot of time to recover from, be it financially, emotionally and even culturally. Read more

Reyno Rants - It's beginning to look a lot like Grinchmas: Why the holiday season is not for everyone
It’s that time of year again. Snow is falling, shoppers are waging war on local stores and Michael Bublé’s relevance has been restored. Read more

From The Editor
A true welcome back to Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members, to what we, at the Interrobang, hope to be a successful and enriching time on campus. Read more

What Does Kerra Say?: Let's get real about gun violence
I'll never understand the fascination people have towards guns or hunting, but I also acknowledge that most people are not into the same things that I am, so I can at least respect their passion. Read more

Letter to the Editor
This issue covers a miracle of a story where a Fanshawe Coordinator spoke with the Interrobang and recounted the experience her and her friends had, while in Las Vegas when the terrible tragedy occurred at the beginning of the month. Read more

What Does Kerra Say?: Governor General appointment
I know there has been a lot going on in the news lately that has been truly horrific, from the devastation caused by hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Texas and more to athletes from major sports leagues taking a knee in protest to the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas to the terrorist attack in Edmonton. Read more

Reyno Rants: Definitely not a bar advocate
I've never understood people that go to a bar. Don't get me wrong I'm not coming from a position of condescension here, I just genuinely don't understand the bar experience. Read more

From the Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another issue of the Interrobang. This week, my team and I bring to you a selection of interesting, yet important and compelling stories that we hope you will enjoy reading. Read more

What Does Kerra Say?: Why what happened matters
Understanding what is going on in the U.S. and around the world isn't easy, but taking action and not letting fear and hate outrun helping others with compassion is a step to relieve yourself from what's happened to the world, since President Donald Trump stepped into office. Read more

Reyno Rants - There's no bones about it, owning a pet can be ruff: Please think before taking one home
Getting a pet is a serious thing to consider. It's not like getting a new laptop, it's looking at another living creature and saying, 'I'd like to take care of you for the rest of your life'. Pet adoption comes with a lot of responsibilities and difficulties that people don't always think about. Read more

From the Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another issue of the Interrobang. This week my team and I bring to you a selection of interesting, yet important stories that showcase a number of events, practices, policies and overall positivity, that we hope our readers will enjoy Read more

Tips should not replace salary
Liquor servers in both Ontario and British Columbia are paid a lower minimum wage. In Quebec, there is a separate, and lower, minimum wage for all tipped employees. In light of this policy change, now is the time to discuss why gratuities should not replace salary. Read more

Get an iLoan for the new iPhone: What an Apple lover thinks of the new iPhone X
Being a fan of Apple these days is kind of like being a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Sure they're both pretty good looking on the surface but when it comes time to perform... well at least they're both pretty good looking. Read more

From the Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another issue of the Interrobang. Read more

How to find your academic passion
Because of my varied interests in multiple disciplines, I've always had trouble trying to determine my academic passions. Read more

Helpful advice for international students: When homesickness is a little further away
Transitioning from high school to university is already a big and challenging step, but as an international student, this step suddenly seems so much bigger. Read more

Reyno Rants: My roommate moonlights as a lumberjack
When living away from home, there was a long list of awful roommates that I met. There was the mold-lord, abandoning dishes in the sink until they turned from white to a sickly gray-green colour. Read more

From the Editor
Hello Fanshawe staff, faculty, students and community members and welcome to another issue of the Interrobang. Read more

From the Editor
With school and work back in session and everyone is steadily getting back into a routine, it's nice to not only catch up with friends, work and anything else that may have been put to the side while summer was in full swing, but also finding out what's new and exciting happening in and around the Fanshawe community is something to look into. Read more

What Does Kerra Seay?: Canada Day 2018 will be lit
As you likely have already heard, the Liberal government led by Trudeau have plans to announce legislation that would legalize recreational marijuana for those over 18 by July 1, 2018 according to Global News. Read more

Rumours of Grace: Climate change activists, don't give up
Today, as I write, is a good day for climate destruction and bad one for all those who have been active in the battle to save our global environment. The reason? The U.S. president signed an executive order cutting down what reporters are calling former President Obama's climate change legacy. Read more

Reyno Rants: How to ace your exam
This is it. The final stretch of college. Every keg stand, skipped class and Netflix marathon has been leading up to this. Final exams. Read more

Presidential wrap up
I would like to thank everyone who made this year the best it could be: FSU staff, Executive Council 2016-2017, the advice of wise old Bushell, college partners and most importantly, the students. Thank you again for one of the best years of my life. Read more
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