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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is entitled to a bus pass, and where can I pick mine up

Full-time students at the London Campus are entitled to a Fanshawe Bus Pass. Students at the London campus receive London Transit Commission bus service 7 days a week, all year from September 1st to the end of August (please note that some restrictions apply). For more details, see Bus Pass

I need money! Where do I go?

If you are applying for OSAP, you must be registered and your minimum fee payment made prior to the release of your OSAP funding. If you are attending the London campus, you can pick up your student loan by booking an appointment with the Financial Aid Office in Room E2020.

Student Awards
The Awards and Scholarships office in K1003 at the London Campus administers the College’s donor funded awards, scholarships and bursaries as well as the College’s participation in three national in progress scholarship programs (web applications). You can now apply for the great bursaries Fanshawe has to offer online! Visit to see what’s available. For more info on awards, bursaries and scholarships, email or call 519-452-4466.

To pick up or discuss your OSAP or bursary funds, you must present your Social Insurance Number card and one piece of government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, BYID, etc.)

Where can I pick up my campus card?

Student cards can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar, Room E1012.

In order to receive a student card, make sure you have paid your minimum required fees and have submitted any required documents to complete your registration. You’ll also need to bring identification - either government issued photo ID (e.g driver’s license, health card with photo) or two pieces of government issued ID (social insurance card, birth certificate).

Returning students continue to use the campus card issued last year. Replacement cards can be obtained for $10.00 from the Office of the Registrar, Room E1012.

Does Fanshawe have an app?

There is a Fanshawe Orientation App with orientation info, the ability to build your own personal schedule, and details on services offered by both the Fanshawe Student Union and Fanshawe College. For instructions on downloading and installing the app, please visit:

Where do I pay my student fees?

Fees may be paid through all major Financial Institutions using online or telephone banking, at the Office of the Registrar, Room E1012 (in cash, by Interac, by cheque or money order payable to Fanshawe College or by Visa or MasterCard) or online by Visa or MasterCard using Fanshawe’s WebAdvisor Make a Payment process at Postdated cheques are not accepted.

How do I find out about available housing?

Fanshawe College has created a Housing Services section on their website. You can also visit F2010 or contact 519.452.4282

I need food, but I have no money, where can I go on campus?

The Sharing Shop - An emergency on campus food bank, located in B1050
Contact: 519.452.4109.

Where can I buy tickets for FSU and off-campus events?

The Biz Booth sells tickets and provides information regarding student events, concerts and movies.

Location: At the west end of the Student Union Building (SUB), right before the entrance to J building. For hours of operation, see Biz Booth & The Gamesroom

How can I find out about upcoming FSU events?

You can find out about upcoming events by checking out our online events calendar, reading the Interrobang, “Liking” our Facebook page or following us on Twitter

I’m sick, where do I go?

Medical clinic and Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic services are available to students, staff, faculty and community members.
Location: First floor of the Student Centre (1001). Contact: 519.452.4230

How do I opt out of the health plan?

Go to Have your FANcard, insurance coverage policy number, and your direct deposit banking information ready. Opting out must occur within the first 10 days of your academic start, click on the-opt out button and follow the prompts.

I paid for prescription medicine without using my student card, and I have a receipt. How can I get reimbursed?

You can get reimbursed by filling out a form that is available in room SC2001 in the Student Centre or online at

How can I get involved with intramurals?

Participate in athletics and/or Intramurals. Intramurals include ice hockey, indoor soccer, golf, softball, basketball, volleyball and touch football, they occur during scheduled and academic breaks.
Location: J1034. Contact: 519.452.4202

Where can I pump some iron?

Fitness Centre: Fully equipped and professionally operated. Memberships are available to students, staff, faculty and community members at reasonable rates.
Location: J building between the Student Centre and The Student Union Building. Contact: 519.452.4477

Where can I access a computer?

Homework Lab and Library Research Lab: Reserved for student use only on a first come, first served basis. After hours access requires a valid student ID card.
Location: Homework Lab F1000, Library Research Lab L2005, second floor of library. 24 hour access.

Where do I buy books?

Campus Bookstore: All assigned class textbooks and supplies available.
Location: F1002; Download your booklist on

Used Book Shop: For the first two weeks of each semester (not including summer), the FSU runs a consignment Used Book Shop

I have textbooks that I would like to sell - where can I sell them?

You can sell them at the Used Book Shop mentioned above, or you can sell books and other items on our Marketplace

How can I get involved with the Student Union?

Full-time students can run for Student Administrative Council (SAC), volunteer, participate in events and join or start a club.
Location: SC2001. Contact: 519.452.4109

What clubs are available at Fanshawe?

You can view a list of FSU sponsored clubs by visiting our Clubs page

How can I get a story or letter printed in the Interrobang?

You can have your item printed by stopping by the FSU Publications office in SC1012, or by filling out the Submit a Letter to the Editor form on this website.

How can I place an advertisement in the Interrobang?

You can purchase advertising space by contacting Sara Roach at 519.452.4109 ext. 6322 or visit the FSU Publications in the Student Centre room SC1012. View advertising rates

Where can I find career guidance?

Career Services: Assist you with finding a part-time, full-time, or summer employment. Also, offer resume and interview assistance.
Location: D1063. Contact: 519.452.4294

Where can I find confidential counselling?

Counselling services: Assist students with academic issues, personal matters, and career aptitude testing
Location: F2010. Contact: 519.452.4282

I need help with school, where can I go?

The Testing and Learning Centre: Tutorial assistance in a variety of subjects, testing and diagnosis of learning disabilities.
Location: A2019. Contact: 519.452.4265

Peer tutoring is also available at a rate of $15 for 5 hours.
Location: The Learning Centre, A2019; Contact: Bonnie MacBean 519.452.4430 ext. 4959

What services are available for people with disabilities?

Disability Services: Services to help you with your disability, including non-visible disabilities such as, learning disabilities, medical conditions, and mental illnesses.
Location: F2010. Contact: 519.452.4282 or

I have a complaint, where do I go?

The Ombuds Office: Receives complaints related to all areas of the operation of the College and Student Union.
Location: T3015; Contact: 519.452.4282, 519.452.4430 ext. 4755

Where is the lost and found?

Location: D1027; Contact: 519.452.4400

Where can I find spiritual guidance?

Chaplains: Serving students and staff, available by appointment and on a drop-in basis.
Location: D2030. Contact: 519.452.4430 ext. 4352

What services are available for First Nations students?

First Nations Centre: Provide assistance relating to academic, financial, personal/social and spiritual needs.
Location: A1047. Contact: 519.452.4430 ext. 4619

Where can I buy Fanshawe clothing?

Clothing and Gift Store: Great selection of gift wear, greeting cards, grad wear, backpacks and more.
Location: D1042. Contact: 519.452.4252

Where can I get beer and chicken fingers?

Out Back Shack: All-ages campus pub, cheap food, plenty of drinks and loads of fun.
Location: Student Union Building. Contact: 519.452.4109 ext. 6336. For more details, see About the Out Back Shack

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